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Modern Meets Classic

The mix of moden and traditional design elements is trend that is quickly gaining popularity.

This new style offers and easy way to integrate two drastically different decorating styles and update your space! The blend of the two styles can effectively provide warmth and depth to sleek contemporary design or add a crisp, sleek edge to the luxury and comfort of traditionalism. Use these tips and tricks to easily change the look and feel of your home.

Keep Walls and Floors Warm and Neutral

Warm, neutral tones for walls and flooring compliment both styles, and can serve to tie the two diverse styles together. This is less distracting to the eye, allowing the interesting mix of furniture and fixture styles be the star of the room.

Choose One Standout Piece and Compliment with Accessories

Choosing one standout piece to build the room around is a great way to ease into the transitional style, or integrate one of your favorite contemporary or traditional pieces into an already finished room. To fully integrate the piece into your already established aesthetic, carefully chosen accessories can bridge the gap between the two styles. 

Wall Accents

Make the walls of your space the center of attention through these simple to implement tips and tricks.

Hanging Pictures

Don’t feel pressure to fill all empty wall space; art beside a pretty window may compete for the view. Hang pictures at the same height in a room, and not too high either, so your gaze doesn’t jump up and down from piece to piece. As a general rule, the center of each picture should be about 60” from the floor, centered 6-8” about a sofa or chair and 8-10” above a table. 

Create a Gallery

A great visual impact can be made by mixing and matching different sized pieces of art. To compose a grouping, work outward from the central picture. For a contemporary–style gallery, hang a single row of three to four framed pictures. Frames and mats should be the same color, but you can vary the sizes. For an eclectic look, use frames and mats that are complementary but not identical.

Oversized Mirrors

Oversized mirrors casually propped against the wall are showing up in today’s most stylish rooms. Large mirrors offer maximum reflection and a realistic approximation of a doorway leading into another room (because the reflection carries right down to the floor), so this chic look is especially beneficial in smaller rooms. 


Install a sconce for a lighting solution that is sleek and stylish. 


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