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Tuquoise is the shade to look out for.

The vibrant, bold colour will add life to any interior. Incorporate it through accent pieces like a vase or table lamp. 


Claimed to be the 'new neutral', gray has risen to the top of the charts in 2014!

Across the board, furnishings have greatly incorporated this trend whether it be through upholstery, wood or metal. 

In upholstery, where trend forecasters report that rounded, curvy silhouettes are getting more attention than designs with sharp angles or square corners, gray is now considered the “new neutral.” In wood furnishings, where walnut is ruling the day, gray-toned woods appear to be gathering momentum. And, in metal finishes, the most in-demand looks span silvery gray shades like brushed chrome, steel and platinum.

“Neutral fabric—gray, black, brown, khaki, beige, ivory and even some navy and greens—make the clean lines of a contemporary sofa or sectional frame stand out; you can really see the design. It’s just an easier read,” says one designer.


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