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Design Dan Yeffet

Orion opens brand new perspectives in the use of marble. With mechanical like harmony, its thin pieces of marble are meticulously set around a central element. Their shape highlights the fragility of the material and create a sutil contrast of light and shadows around the object.

According to the angle we take to look at it, the marble pieces hide or reveal some parts of the capsule in the center. When looked at from the top, Orion appears as a celestial body surrounded by marble rays.

Candle holder in Carrara Marble, Marquina or Emperador Escuro. 

Comes in 3 differents size:
18 cm Dia. x 12 cm H
18 cm Dia. x 25 cm H
31.5 cm Dia. x 12 cm H

Materials: Marble emperador / Marble marquina / Marble white Carrara



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