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Design by Dan Yeffet

Corvus embodies the clear expression of the greek word “photophore” (meaning “light holder”). Corvus is a simple, thin and curved marble leaf in conjunction with a brass ring holding the scented capsule inserted on the marble. But beware of its appearing simplicity. Corvus defies the limits of the use of this material to it into a thin, almost transparent screen magnifying the light of the candle.


33 cm W x 7 cm D x 20 cm H
17.4 cm W x 6.7 cm D x 29 cm H 
24.5 cm W x 7 cm D x 13.5 cm H

Materials: Marble emperador / Marble estremoz / Marble Fior di pesco / Marble marquina / Marble saint laurent / Marble Sienna brown / Marble white Carrara



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