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Carla - Sales Associate

Carla’s Picks

Shapes and Forms
Unexpected accessories, lighting and case goods in unusual shapes add interest to any room.

Le Pentagone Fixture
This chandelier stands apart from its linear and round counterparts. With its pentagon frame and illuminated diagonal rods, this light fixture encompasses space while simultaneously floating. It is available in multiple sizes and finishes.

Chime Side Table
I love adding a side table with an unexpected shape to accessorize a room. The rounded clover top detail adds softness and movement to an angular sofa or lounge chair. 
On its own, or with its nesting partner, this whimsical table will add a hint of style to any room and spark a conversation.

I love the pureness and simplicity of Kose vases. The collection ranges from angular architectural-like forms to soft, fluid shapes. All making you want to reach out and touch them. They are the ultimate chic accessory.

O Console
Porta Romana has an understanding and appreciation for beauty in its true form. Their “O” console is  a statement of timelessness and elegance. Forged in a single twist of metal, the “O” detail is beaten and patinated in an offset circle, with the impression of movement.

PAUL - Principal

Paul’s Picks

Cologne Lamp
For me it’s all about the simplicity of form + luxe materials and a play of textures – I find that the Cologne lamp reflects all three of these elements perfectly. 

Gesine Sofa
I love this sofa because of its graceful shape – I find that it has both a masculine and feminine vibe about it – this sofa has is both refined and sophisticated but in a very subtle way. 

Large Covex Sconce
Porta always surprises me – this sconce from the latest collection “Photon” it has a very industrial feel to it but again it is so simple and the proportions and mix of the two different metals make this sconce a classic. 

Marseilles Buffet
Scala Luxury is a new collection for us – this series of cabinets are inspired by the icon of industrial modernism Jean Prouve – the combination of brass / parchment and lacquer made with the utmost attention to detail make this cabinet a focal point of any room it is placed.  

NELLA - Principal

Nella’s Picks

Brass has made a huge come back recently.  Any why not – it’s warm, inviting and so refined.  From large sideboards to small bowls, brass pieces are statement pieces.  The best part is that brass ages beautifully – no need to worry about polishing it – the patina is wonderful!  Here are some of my favourites:

Sandra - Principal

Sandra’s Picks

I have selected items made of resin and acrylic as my South Hill Home picks.  The materials are very unique and versatile.

Resin is particularly interesting as it can be caste to create specific forms. Since resin is initially in a liquid format, it can be manipulated and shaped. I particularly love the specs of gold leaf imbedded into the resin in Scala Luxury’s coffee table and the forms seen in Ironies chandeliers.  

Get insight into the making of Gaetano Pesci’s flexible resin accessories at  (often mistaken for glass at the showroom until touched) - what better example of variation of form and colour.

Acrylic has the slickness of glass, yet offering depth.  Perspex and Lucite are brand names for acrylic and used interchangeably. Porta Romana’s Gabo chandelier is an example of the brilliant effects of Lucite.  

Straight or organic, clear or coloured, resin and acrylic create unique furniture, lighting and accessories. 


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